Photography: Doug Finger

Growing up in Fort Myers and Tavernier, Trinity doesn’t sleep much between her work and family life. Attending Florida Gulf Coast University for business management, she worked for a family-owned business opening and running restaurants for 11 years. She’d come to the Keys at least once a month to visit her extended family. Today, her husband, Dave, and she run successful businesses in construction, events, catering and rentals. They have two boys: Joey and Colton.

In what situation have you felt like a “one woman show? In my business I wear all the hats. From planning and designing the wedding to pulling a trailer with my 250 super duty and unloading the rentals to prepping and cooking the food as well as coordinating the entire event.

How are you able to balance work with you family/social life? I’m not sure. I never sleep … I figure I’ll sleep when I am dead! I have two boys Joey, 11, and Colton, 6. I make sure I volunteer at the kids schools whenever possible,  drive on field trips, and watch their sports.   

Who are your role models for leadership? I would have to say my number one role model is Bill Saxelby. He’s my mentor and a dear friend. (I met him and his amazing wife a few years ago planning their daughters wedding). He is probably the most positive, motivated, successful and intelligent man I know.

What do you think is the secret to success? I think the secret to success is to 1) truly love what you do and believe in the product or service you sell; 2) Learn from your own mistakes and also other people’s mistakes to improve; 3) Have a business plan.

While you are an independent woman, we know it takes a village. Who is in your village? That’s easy … the entire village of Islamorada is my village. I believe you do right and be a good person and everything else will fall into place. Caribbean Catering has been serving the locals and has been a part of or donated to all kinds of events for 18 years.

What advice would you give to your younger self just starting your journey? Well, I would have told myself everything Bill has taught me!

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