The Keys Weekly is proud to be the official print partner of Fantasy Fest 2021. 

The history of Fantasy Fest is rooted in all that embodies our city’s “One Human Family” creed. In the early ‘70s, names like Tony Falcone, and the late Bill Conkle, Frank Romano and Joe Liszka took the initiative to not only transform Key West into one of the world’s most unique travel destinations, but to create the island’s biggest annual event, and they did it with an emphasis on the arts and culture that define our island. 

We are proud to work alongside festival producer Nadene Grossman and her staff at We’ve Got the Keys, who have carried the festival’s torch through the most challenging era of our city’s history. And today, we continue to welcome thousands of free spirits and open-minded souls to the Southernmost City.

To celebrate, we simply ask that you appreciate all that came before and indulge in the present moment of new experiences here in Key West. While you’re at it, support our local businesses, embrace the loving bond of humanity and escape into the moments will lead you back here year after year. 
(Note: Special thanks to Nick Doll and Michael Blades for capturing the two most recent Fantasy Fest events, faces and moments from 2018 and 2019. For more, visit and


The above photos are an homage to the 2018 and 2019 Fantasy Fest events, as those were the last years the party officially occurred, before COVID canceled the party.

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