Sunset Social unites again – The event raises money for Key West Wildlife Center

The Sunset Social Club is a mixture between the Chamber of Commerce and a brigade of party animals. About once a month the Sunset Social Club meets where attendees write fantasy names on nametags and get their first drink on the house, network with the community and do it all for a good cause. The social last Friday raised funds for the Key West Wildlife Center and was held at Firefly on Petronia Street in Bahama Village.

Sunset Social Club members ‘Athanos,’ ‘Cocobutt,’ ‘Westwinds,’ ‘Cheeky Chick’ and friends share a moment with Phillip Pejnowsky, Paulina Smith and ‘The Everywhere Man’ Ben Hennington.

Friends Andrew Zimmerman and Jason McCoy enjoy the view from the second story of Firefly.

Musician Ross Brown looks jazzed to provide the music during the event.

Eddie Chapman is dismayed, or something, by the lack of a winning raffle ticket.

Firefly Owner Michael Price brings out southern fried chicken wings with cherry bomb gravy for hungry guests.

The Key West Wildlife Center operates under the pseudonyms ‘Trixie’ and ‘Shelbert’ as they greet guests and accept donations on behalf of the non-profit.