Twin for the win, it’s Gemini season. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of expression and communication, the Gemini mind moves with alarming speed among subjects, passions and moral stances. A ferocious curiosity and an aptitude for language are hallmarks of the Gemini disposition and the season it governs. Geminis’ versatility can lead to distraction, leaving them vulnerable to superficiality, a lack of self-knowledge and a shaky sense of purpose. At their best, and in their full power, Geminis are driven by the desire to understand and reinterpret.

It’s been argued the Gemini constellation and the Gemini trajectory are marked by the seeking of completion in another person. But the twins and their story represent the duality of the self, the parts of each of us that represent the godly and the creaturely. We all should seek not our other half, but the reconciliation of our whole selves. Be your own twin.

May 21-June 20
Flexibility is the beauty of the Gemini disposition. You can assume and discard a hundred habits and a dozen patterns. Spend your days in the sun cultivating what cures you and eliminating what cripples you. Take heart and instruction from the words of fellow Gemini, poet Theodore Roethke, “By daily dying, I have come to be.”
Notable Gemini: Lauryn Hill / May 26, 1975

June 21-July 22
In 1894, fellow crab Gustav Klimt was commissioned to paint a ceiling in the University of Vienna. Featuring nude women as allegory, his contemporaries denounced the work as pornographic and it was never shown. These same works are now regarded as the beginning of a new visual language. The lesson: Create without concern for critics. Genius is usually recognized from the vantage of hindsight.
Notable Cancer: Sylvester Stallone / July 6, 1946

July 23-Aug. 22
Lions, your next leap forward may require a turn inward. Slow down, sit tight, breathe deep and identify what actively brings you riotous joy and a fortifying sense of purpose. Consider anything that doesn’t seem to be an attack on your potential. Wage righteous war for the territory of your self.
Notable Leo: Alfred Hitchcock / Aug. 13, 1899

Aug. 23-Sept. 22
My older sister, an avid gardener and my favorite Virgo, recently told me about a dream in which she was given a surplus of tulip bulbs, but worried immediately about where she would find the space to plant them all. The lesson is this, Virgo: Do not fear abundance; make room for it. In the words of Mary Oliver, “Joy is not made to be a crumb.”
Virgo: Wiz Khalifa / Sept. 8, 1987

Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Have the skeletons in your closet begun to rattle the locks? Are your allergies being activated by all you’ve brushed under the carpet? Dirty laundry giving you a weird rash? These are all symptoms of the toxicity of avoidance, dear Libra. A helpful remedy: Confront, admit, apologize, own, release, repeat. You cannot welcome the future without first, and finally, reckoning with the past that is keeping you from it.
Notable Libra: El Greco / Oct. 1, 1541

Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Fellow Scorpio and dystopian writer Margaret Atwood confessed, “It disturbs me to learn I have hurt someone unintentionally. I want all my hurts to be intentional.” I suspect this sentiment may strike a chord, or a pointed tail, with you, Scorpio. I encourage you to be more mindful about your slings and arrows. What use is punishment without the purity of purpose?
Notable Scorpio: Colson Whitehead / Nov. 6, 1969

Nov. 22-Dec. 21
To summarize Newton’s Third Law of Motion, we get out what we put in. Where are you placing your time, energies and affections, Sagittarius? How you divide yourself is how you conceive of yourself. If you’re not getting the returns you want or the self-actualization you need, move in another direction.
Notable Sagittarius: Billie Eilish / Dec. 18, 2001

Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Your wisdom is of the hard-won and harder-lived variety. Allow the struggle that has made you ease the burden of those who are on their way to becoming. Share knowledge freely and cast judgment minimally. Wisdom that goes unspoken is a spoiled gift.
Notable Capricorn: Gypsy Rose Lee / Jan. 8, 1911

Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Are you creating for the pure pursuit of pulling something out of yourself or because you need the world to notice? Audiences are a nonessential service. Kris Kristofferson maintains, “If you’re in art for the right reasons, there’s a zero percent chance of failure.” Whatever art you make, whatever doing you do, let it be for you.
Notable Aquarius: Langston Hughes / Feb. 1, 1902

Feb. 19-March 20
There is nothing more liberating, or challenging, for a Pisces than to speak the startling truth that you are not, in fact, fine. In trying to keep it together, you lose sight of the need to repair and restore yourself. Listen closely. Your wants are not weaknesses; your needs are not frivolous. You won’t be fulfilled until you can admit when you are not satisfied.
Notable Pisces: Andrew Jackson / March 15, 1767

March 21-April 19
An Aries friend recently revealed that he bolds periods and exclamation points in his often fiery email correspondences. He didn’t say anything about question marks. I bring this to your attention in the hopes you will consider applying the same intensity you place on emphasis and endings, to your own seeking.
Notable Aries: Jericho Brown / April 14, 1976

April 20-May 20
How do you see yourself, Taurus? As tin or gold? Are you settling for scraps at the feast or the consolation prize of being someone’s second choice? Now, more than ever, you are attracting what you are reflecting. You’ve got a touch of the earthborn power of manifestation. The trick is, you can only bring forth what you think you deserve.
Notable Taurus: Catherine The Great / May 2, 1729

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REDA WIGLE is a middle child and Taurus Fire Tiger named after a stigmatic saint. She divides her time and affections between New Orleans and Key West.