The Marathon Weekly is pairing with the City of Marathon’s parks and recreation department to highlight some of the campers this summer. The program features all-day fun and games for children ages 5 to 13 and regular field trips to museums in Key West and Jacobs Aquatic Center in the Upper Keys. 

Nina Goulart, 9

What grade are you going into next year? Fourth grade. In third grade, we learned lots of cool things and I am going to learn even more. We studied science last year — animals, plants and stars.

Is this your first year at City of Marathon camp? Yes, but I did the camp over spring break too.

What else do you do? I do floor gymnastics and I am a contortionist. I can lay on my stomach and put both feet in front of me.

What else? I like to paint a lot. I’m really good at it for a kid. And I like dancing.

What’s your favorite color? Each month it changes. Right now, it’s lime green.

What does your family do for fun? We do a fun breakfast on the weekends.

Favorite TV show? “Loud House” — it’s about  a boy that has 11 sisters.

What’s the best part about this camp? I see lots of my friends. Right now, we’re not in school so I get to see my old friends here and make new friends.

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