Commonly overheard in 2017

The Last Jedi, No the last congressman
The Last Jedi, No the last congressman

It’s been a year of catchphrases. From the overindulged “fake news” to the underused “fact check,” phrases populate our vocabulary like emojis. We can’t help but use and re-use them and here are some goodies from 2017.

It’s not going to hit us; it will turn.

No, you cannot have another fidget spinner.

The president is in a twitter fight with (fill in blank).

Stop blamestorming. It’s a nontroversy.


MCSO: All lanes blocked due to crash at MM whatever.

Affordable housing is our number one priority. Amphitheater is open!

The dissenting vote was from Margaret Romero.

I apologize…

Siri, please Google “Bitcoin.”

Then you flew your G4 to Casper, Wyoming to see the total eclipse of the sun.

Hipster? Homeless? Not sure.

I read it on What’s Happening In … ; it must be true.

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