UNINCORPORATED MONROE COUNTY, FL – Debris from Hurricane Irma will be picked up free of charge  by Monroe County contrctors in unincorporated Monroe County, City of Layton and City of Key Colony Beach. But  you must do the following.

Stack hurricane related debris on the county right of way (road shoulder) in front of homes. It must not block the road or driveways.

Do not put debris on vacant lots or other private property; It will not be picked up.

You must separate into  five groups:

·        vegetative debris (tree branches, leaves)
·        seaweed
·        household appliances
·        household hazardous waste, which includes paints, cleaners, etc.
·        non-vegetative debris

This needs to be kept separate from regular household trash. Contents of refrigerators should be thrown out in regular trash. This gets picked up by regular garbage collection.

In addition to household trash, things that are not eligible for pick up by debris contractor include cars, trucks, motor cycles, trailers, boats or other watercraft and car parts like tires.

In the areas that have vacuum sewers in Key Largo and Tavernier, make sure not to stack debris near sewer system breathers, which are in the right of way. In the Upper Keys they look like small concrete pillars.

Debris also should be kept away from fire hydrants and utility poles.

Collection of debris in the Upper Keys will begin soon. More detailed information about schedule will be provided.  There will be multiple passes through all neighborhoods.

Photo by Jason Haythorn. Monroe County will pick up debris free of charge from Hurricane Irma, but procedures must be followed.

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