The word “but” is commonly used to justify our worst tendencies and social shortcomings. 

Just this week, we embarked on a three-part series covering the housing crisis in the Florida Keys. We received a few comments from folks who all claim to agree with workforce housing in theory, “but” not so much when it comes to its practicality or location — particularity if it means building affordable homes anywhere near their properties (which they may or may not live in more than three months of the year).

Thus, the “but” mentality got us thinking. What other ridiculous faux pas are created by the simple utterance of “but?” Always here to help, here are our 

Top 10 worst statements to end with “but”…

10. “No offense, but…”

9. “I’m all for gay marriage, but…” 

8. “Yes, my $4 million Keys mansion housed 12 full-time workers before I gutted it, but….”

7.  “I wouldn’t trade my wife and kids for anything in the world, but…”

6.  “Women never deserve to be harassed or assaulted, but…”

5.  “I don’t want to change the Florida Keys that I loved and moved to three years ago, but…”

4.  “I think those guys murdered Ahmaud Arbery, but…”

3. “I totally support affordable housing for our local workforce, but…”

2  “I think it’s important that my hometown paper is locally owned, but….”

1. “I’m not racist, but…”

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