The days of plastic Spiderman masks with an elastic strap are a thing of the past in Key West, where any costume opportunity is taken very seriously. The younger generation has watched their parents go all-out for Halloween and Fantasy Fest, and they’re now carrying the torch admirably.

Mary Immaculate Star of the Sea hosted a costume-and-candy event on Oct. 29, when students went “trunk-or-treating” among dozens of decorated car trunks staffed by parents.

On the same day, just up the street, the entire staff turned the Tax Collector’s office into Munchkinland and the Emerald City. Toto was in a basket. The wicked witch was a dastardly shade of green and the ruby slippers were visible on the late witch’s feet under Dorothy’s house, all thanks to the creativity of decorators Jacki Collins and Jenni Lynn in that office.

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