Fashion faux pas are a thing of the past.

For centuries, “rules“ have been created to control women, including the way we dress. And when it comes to expressing ourselves through fashion, no one should have to color inside the lines. The time has come for women to liberate their closets and break free of dressing by the book.

How often have we been told, “You can’t mix prints.” “Pink and red don’t go together,” “No navy and black.” “You should wear only gold or only silver jewelry.” 

The list goes on and on. Of course, there is one golden rule that should always be taken into account. And that is not properly gauging the length of your torso against the available space in your romper — creating the perfect recipe for the dreaded camel toe. 

Ladies, always check the mirror before leaving the house in any sort of onesie or legging.

Fashion is FUN. And nowadays, not only are we seeing so many mixtures of styles, but we’re also seeing old trends making their way back and looking oh so cute again. Hi, ’70s oversized sunnies, rainbow-colored prints and platform heels. Hey there, ’80s-style shoulder pads and puff sleeves. Hello again, ’90s high-waisted jeans, crop tops and scrunchies. 

Funky is in. And you make the rules.

Keys style in particular is generally pretty laid back. Island life lends itself to easy and comfy vibes. One of my favorite things about living here is that there has also always been

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an anything-goes mentality. We certainly have an eclectic mix of people and plenty of unique flair among our One Human Family.

With the Florida Keys being a mecca for helpful nonprofit organizations, there’s a near-constant calendar of fundraisers and charity events whose invitations call for either a themed ensemble or urge you to gussy up for the evening. If you’re someone who is generally safe and subdued with your style, but secretly dreams of glitz and glamor, attending a gala or event is the perfect way to baby-step out of your comfort zone and into something fancy and fun.

While events are a great way to take things up a notch, you don’t need an invite with a dress code to grant yourself permission to play with your style. I see more and more women come into my shop expressing a desire to try things they normally never would. 

There’s something extremely empowering about dressing for yourself, and only for yourself. And the beauty of our anything-goes island is that you can be the most dressed up or dressed down

person in the room, regardless of the occasion, and you’ll be taken just as you are.

So be who you are. And if that little girl inside of you is still dying to wear pretty frilly dresses, but always worried you’d look silly, this is your sign to feel the thrill of the frill. 

Or maybe you’ve been living in athleisure because it’s been your easy routine, though some part of you is desperate for a pair of studded boots and a glitter-covered mini skirt. The cool thing about fashion is that you don’t need to fit in one box, and you most certainly don’t need to stay In the box you’re currently in.

Dress for yourself. And get rid of this age-old notion that even though you love it you shouldn’t buy it because you “have nowhere to wear it.” 

Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Fashion should feel good. And dressing for yourself is empowering. And if you feel good in the dress maybe you should just throw it on and stroll through the produce aisle at Publix. I mean, why the hell not?

In the words of Miuccia Prada, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world — fashion is an instant language.”

Kirby Myers is a busy mom, radio personality and writer who's not afraid to write what many of us are thinking.