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Carrie Pitliangas is all about sparkly drinks and sparkly shades.


In the midst of happy hour at Lazy Days, hiding behind homemade sparkly sunglasses, Carrie Pitliangas pours one of the most popular and one of her favorite drinks on the menu – the prickly pear mojito.

“Lots of people don’t even know what kind of fruit it is,” she said of the cactus berry. Plus the juice is difficult to get through a long process of burning the prickles off, peeling it, blending it, and straining it.

The fuchsia drink is also made with fresh lime and mint, Bacardi rum, and simple syrup, then shaken real good and topped with an umbrella.

“And, it’s so pretty,” she said. “It’s probably the prettiest drink on the island.”

Lazy Days has a $4 happy hour menu from 3 to 6 p.m. every day and half off beer wine and rail drinks.

Hailing from St. Louis, (“Misery,” as she says), Pitliangas has been in Marathon for six years, bartending four years at Lazy Days.

In her free time, she is making “Naughty Gaughty” jewelry which is sold at DK Style Hut, and bedazzling sunglasses. “It’s very random that I ended up here, with no shopping and not getting to wear my stilettos all the time,” she said after attending fashion design school in Italy and living in South Beach before Marathon. “But, I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

Her favorite part of Lazy Days is the food, particularly the lazy chicken, and her regulars at the bar. “Oh, I can’t forget the beautiful view,” she added.

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