Mary Graf, Senior


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The Upper Keys Weekly is proud to partner with Island Christian faculty and students in choosing “The Student of the Week.” Recipients are chosen on qualifications including academic standing, athletics, outstanding achievements, community involvement, individuality and moral fortitude. We thank our future leaders and ICS for allowing us to share in a weekly dose of “Eagle Pride,” and for giving us a glimpse into their world.

What is something most people don’t know about you? For some reason, I am obsessed with Shark Week.

Who is your all-time favorite teacher and why? My history teacher, Mr. Roper because he always makes class fun and animates whatever we talked about.

What does “a good education” mean to you? Work hard, give 100% and staying on top of things.

What is the dumbest rule at school? The best? The dumbest rule is the uniforms. The best is off-campus lunch on Fridays.

What is something you know now that you didn’t know when you were a freshman? How much sleep I was going to lose in the next 4 years.

What organizations and activities are you involved with at ICS and why are they important to you? I am involved in a bunch of clubs, but Key Club and Eagle Council are the best because of the service and fun. I also play volleyball as the captain and cheer as captain. They are all important to me because I love it and have fun.

What are your plans after high school? Great question … I play to go to college in Florida, but still undecided for my major.


What do you hope to be remembered for at ICS? The girl that was always late, always tired, always had Starbucks but most of all, the girl who was always happy and brought encouragement to others around her.

What is one favorite way to spend your spare time? Boating – Netflix – Friends

Will you make the Keys your permanent home? I wish, but probably not because of the expense.

What three things would you like to accomplish before your 10-year reunion? Survive/graduate college, be happy, love my job.

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