#Music: Maksim Medved plays with passion

#Music: Maksim Medved plays with passion - A man holding a guitar - Acoustic guitar

Maksim was born and raised in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine.

His father had a love for music and was a huge fan of Metallica and Megadeth.

He introduced Maks to rock and heavy metal at the age of 5.

During his adolescence Maks played soccer all through school. He loved sports but also had a passion for music and by age 16 he began playing guitar.

Maks studied for 4 years at Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University and became a junior specialist in refrigeration maintenance and installation. During that time, he bought his first guitar with scholarship funds. He seemed to be building more of a passion for playing guitar than he had about his chosen career.

Maks saw no future for himself as a guitarist in the Ukraine so he began teaching himself English in the hopes of coming to America to follow his dreams.

In summer of 2013, Maks came to the U.S. and began working in South Dakota. His Uncle told him stories about how he once lived in Key West saying it’s a great place to start a new life in America.

Maks decided to make his way south in the fall of 2013. He began working various jobs in Key West but still continued to play guitar on the side.

Maks fell in love with American culture. Soon he developed gigs as a local guitarist and became a Taylor certified repairman at The Grateful Guitar. He is also in the process of recording his first project.

Maks is a talented hardworking musician. He is happy to be pursuing his passion for music here in paradise and is an inspiration to us all. You can find Maks performing nightly from 6-9p.m. at Le Petit Paris. Check out his page at www.facebook.com/MaxMedved.

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