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As Key West prepares to honor the legacy of one of America’s most notable icons, it’s a time to reflect on what we know — or think we know — about famous author Ernest Hemingway. Did he love cats or hate them? Was he a lover or a fighter? Did he steal that urinal or find it?  From boxing and barhopping to writing some of the greatest literary works in American literature, Hemingway did it all in Key West.  So the Weekly asked a few Papa enthusiasts….

How would you spend the day with Hemingway?

Cameron Zbikowski likes to have a good time, and if Hemingway was still around, he would like to party with him.

“I would like to have drinks with Hemingway and go in his pool. I have been to the Hemingway House and the pool looks like it could be a really good party,” said Zbikowski.

Ohio native Haven Foster is visiting Key West and admits she doesn’t know much about Ernest. Still, she’d like to spend the day on the water with him.

“I would go out fishing with him and try to catch a shark,” said Foster. “He was probably most happy on the water.”

Jimmy Breslin is visiting from Palm Beach Gardens and would like to go on an outdoor adventure.

“I would go hunting with Hemingway with large-bores, not 22’s. Maybe we could shoot some bighorn sheep in the mountains,” said Breslin. “There isn’t much to hunt in Key West.”

Jaime Miranda was born and raised on the island of Key West and there is nothing he would like more than to go on a fishing trip with Papa.

“Fishing, of course. I am going to say for sailfish. He was known to be an excellent fisherman and I would like to learn some pointers,” said Miranda. “Maybe we can make a sequel to “The Old Man and The Sea.”

Honorary Papa, actor and Hemingway baseball team organizer Brian Gordon Sinclair would spend the time getting to know the “other” Hemingway.

“He has a reputation of being a tough, mean guy,” said Sinclair. “But he started a baseball team in Cuba for his son Gigi and there are many accounts of him doing kind deeds. By the way, there will be an event on Dec. 7 for the baseball team in Cuba.”

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