Marine life artist BJ Royster. CONTRIBUTED

After a brief absence, marine life artist BJ Royster is returning to her roots in the Florida Keys to showcase her artwork at the Hale Gallery in Islamorada. 

Born and raised in Miami, Royster’s deep connection to the ocean and passion for marine life have made her a leading figure in the world of marine art. Her journey as an artist began in 1995 when she overcame her fear of diving and discovered the beauty of the underwater world. Her marine-inspired paintings, reproductions and photos have adorned homes, businesses and vessels worldwide, earning her recognition as one of the foremost fine artists of the Florida reefs.

Having recently relocated back to the Keys, Royster expresses gratitude for the opportunity to reconnect with the community and share her love for the reefs once again. 

“Returning to the Keys feels like coming home,” Royster said. “It’s a chance to reignite my passion for marine conservation and reconnect with the beauty that first inspired my artwork.”

Royster’s exhibition at the Hale Gallery will feature a collection of her archival marine art, showcasing the vibrant colors and unique marine life that inhabit the Florida reefs. From her signature photorealistic paintings to mixed media depictions of coral reefs, Royster’s artwork serves as a powerful voice for education, protection and conservation of the reefs.

“I see my paintings as archives of the past life of our reefs,” Royster said. “They are not just artworks; they are a testament to the beauty and fragility of our underwater ecosystems.”More information is at