Capt. Bobby and Capt. Wayne enjoy putting anglers on sailfish as much as you’ll enjoy hooking up to one!

Last weekend’s Daylight Savings Time “fall back” had Florida Keys residents up and at ‘em bright and early this week, and folks, change is a good thing!

The return of the north winds has definitely reinvigorated the Florida Keys fishing scene.

Sailfish are slowly but surely making their return to Florida Keys waters, and their theatrical spectacle out on the water is not to be missed.

Our prized game fish – the sailfish – have started to make their annual appearance right on schedule, and that’s a good thing; because we love to share the experience with our anglers and customers aboard The Best Bet fleet.

If you have never fished for them, you are in for a treat; it is the ultimate rush! Packs of sailfish numbering as few as two or as many as 10 to 12 will make their way up on top of the reef and aggressively pursue big schools of ballyhoo; it is truly a sight to see.

Until you’ve seen it with your own two eyes, with their bills out of the water and their sails fully extended… ballyhoo flying out of the water…and don’t forget the birds! Frigate birds and terns all trying to get in on the feeding frenzy make it truly look like a guy Harvey portrait!

This theatrical spectacle at sea, however, does not usually happen all day long.

So, we fish for snapper – mostly, mangrove and mutton – and grouper out on the reef.

There are also a lot of mackerel showing up inshore; Kings, Cero and Spanish mackerel will show up soon as well.

Capt. Bobby and Capt. Wayne enjoy putting anglers on sailfish as much as you’ll enjoy hooking up to one!

Our captains, mates and anglers keep busy all morning, and as the sun gets up high in the sky, then it’s time to chase sailfish.

Another option is wreck fishing for big mutton snapper, grouper or amberjacks.

No matter what you desire, we have a species for you. The fishing is great and it will only get better this time of the year.


Best Bet for the week ahead: Head out to the reefs and wrecks, and keep your eyes open for the sailfish!


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