Location offers pure oxygen infused facials

Holding their November grand opening in the new 1500 Reynolds St. location, Spa al Maré is nothing short of new, being the Casa Marina and Reach Resort’s go-to spa for the past 10 years. Starting with beachside massages and moving from locations inside the resort after Hurricane Wilma, Spa al Maré has its own space across the street from the luxury resort.

“We cater to the guests at the resorts,” said owner Graziella Gaspari of her staff of 17, “but, we are able to see the community and even offer a 10 percent discount for locals.”

Gaspari is no stranger to Key West, living on the island for the past 35 years after finishing massage school at the Swedish Institute in New York City. Before starting with The Casa, she owned Bubbles Café on Duval Street.

Gaspari and lead esthetician Daniela Braswell introduced their new line of Luzern products over the summer and demonstrated the oxygen infused facials from one of the room’s comfy heated facial tables. The relaxing atmosphere is the perfect complement to the spa treatments they offer.

“It’s the only place in Key West to offer these products,” said Braswell of Luzern. “Even the water they use in the products comes from the glaciers of Switzerland – it’s a really amazing line.”

The Luzern facial uses 93 percent pure recycled oxygen pumped into the clients pores pushing a formulation of toxic free peptides and other active ingredients deep into the skin. The company hails itself for not using the “toxic 12” – or other chemicals – in its creation.

“It is so good for your skin,” she said of the refreshing blasts of air. “It is perfect for someone who has been in the sun all day or fishing on a boat.”

The calming and soothing creation is good for all skin types from dry, normal or oily, and feeds the cells for optimum function.

“When you feed your skin with this oxygen, it just drinks it right up,” she said.

Unlike some facials that leave the face red or puffy afterwards, this combination is perfect for day-of treatments before big events like weddings, anniversary dinners, or other occasions when the face needs to be in the tip-top condition. The effects last several days taking away redness and facial irritation with a lasting hydration.

Braswell, who was trained locally by Mr. Gootee at Key West High School, has been at Spa al Maré for the past four years. “I use this product every day, and I do see the results,” she said. “It goes with my personal philosophy of healthy living.”

For more information, visit spaalmare.com, or call 305-906-0645.

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