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Foxes facing death at fur farm find sanctuary in the Keys

Two foxes left to die on a Midwest fur farm have found sanctuary in the Keys.  Louie’s fur wasn’t good enough for a coat, while Libby had a...

DeSantis slashes $1 billion from state budget

The good news: teachers will get their raises and the Everglades Restoration Project funding is largely intact. The bad news is that Gov. Ron DeSantis cut funding...

Mosquito District workshop focuses on Keys trials

Now that the Oxitec “Friendly Mosquito” trials have been approved by the federal and state governments, it’s up to the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District to decide...

Marathon artist wins first-place finish

Like many, Nancy Heise doubled down on her hobby during the “safer at home” coronavirus quarantine. She invested in an art medium called PMC, or precious metal...

Tagged Sea Turtle to Join Global Turtle Race

A rare hybrid hawksbill-green sea turtle, rehabilitated at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, was fitted with a satellite-tracking transmitter and released from a Florida Keys beach Friday...

Florida Keys star in new ‘Coast Guard Mission Critical’ tv show

It’s a television docuseries that follows the U.S. Coast Guard as they protect and patrol against drug runners, smugglers and human traffickers, as well as saving lives...

Congresswoman: ‘we can use the ocean to fight climate change’

June is World Ocean Month, a time to celebrate, honor, and learn about our ocean.  The ocean is the heart of our diverse, vibrant culture in South Florida,...

Mask requirements a new business opportunity

Keys entrepreneurs wasted no time turning masks into merchandise, as a branding initiative or a sales opportunity. And while there are many types of masks on the...

4 Karens don’t want to call the manager about it

Much ado has been made of Karen lately. A once innocuous name, “Karen” recently has become shorthand, a term used to refer to white, typically affluent, middle-aged...

New Key West businesses launch in the ‘new normal’

Despite 10 weeks without visitors and the temporary or permanent closure of many local businesses, there is plenty of good news on the horizon. Several new Key West...