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Thanksgiving is a blessed time to spend with kin and loved ones. A day marked with time-honored traditions, football, turkey as we gather around the family dinner table to share stories, triumphs and give thanks.

However, as the wine and holiday spirits begin to flow, some will have a propensity to bring up past transgressions or grievances likely to make a few guests uncomfortable or simply start a family melee. We at the Weekly are encouraging all our readers to tread lightly this year with these …

Top 10 topics that are sure to ruin Thanksgiving

10. Ask your creepy Uncle Wayne if the FBI is still monitoring his computer.

9. Encourage your young nephews to construct a skate ramp next to their neighbor’s pool.

8. Remind your husband the 12-gauge warning shot will not only chase away the pesky raccoon, but will also alert the police to cousin George’s location.

7. Every 10 minutes, remind your sister this is not “An Ugly Sweater Party.”

6. Let your Aunt Fran know “you have a guy” who can straighten the family heirloom silverware you just mangled in the garbage disposal.

5. Blame everyone in the room, from your 2-year-old niece to your 90-year-old grandma, for your eating disorder.

4. Tell your dad, “There ain’t enough weed in the world to make this turkey taste good.”

3. Tell your dad, “Popeye’s is way better than this crap.”

2. Tell your dad, “I’m too drunk to taste this turkey.”

  1. Ask, “What do you think of the impeachment hearings?”

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