His signature sign off from Saturday Night Live’s weekend update – “I’m Kevin Nealon, and that’s news to me” – is in the comedic history books, especially since he outlasted most other cast members. Kevin Nealon for decades has created iconic roles and made America laugh, both on- and off-screen, from a long list of movies and TV roles to his infamous nine years on Saturday Night Live. At 64, Nealon is still as funny on CBS’ “Man With A Plan” sitcom and making time for stand up when he coming to the Key West Theater on Sunday, April 29.

Whether as Subliminal Man, part of Hans and Franz, Adam Sandler’s movie sidekick or Doug Wilson from “Weeds,” Nealon pushes the boundaries of sarcasm, saying the things everyone wishes they could say out loud. In person, he is likable, funny, quite sweet – and best, has a soft spot for Key West. He’s even seen the Blue Angels here and plans on spending time hunting for the best breakfast spot.

“My material is absurd, observational and introspective,” said Nealon, describing his upcoming show. “I talk about being an older dad, my heritage and basically, just make random comments.” Nealon’s relationship with his 10-year-old son is a topic he took public with his hilarious book “ Yes, You’re pregnant But What About Me?” when he became a dad at age 53.

Does he miss the old days on Saturday Night Live? “There are certain aspects I do miss, like being topical and creating on the fly, the live aspect, but the schedule was grueling.” Who can’t remember Hans and Franz with accents based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “I’m gonna pump you up” days. Was Schwarzenegger offended? “He loved it. Whenever he sees us, he calls us ‘my cousins.’” It’s hard not to say that without the accent.

Nealon’s most distinct TV role was on the acclaimed and award winning show “Weeds” as Doug Wilson, the amoral stoner accountant. “No, I am not Doug Wilson, but he was easy to play. He could express himself freely, so self-centered and narcissistic—characteristically, he was love the guy you love to hate.” Or hated to love, as Doug Wilson become TV’s most laughable and favorite sleaze.

“I am really proud of everything I’ve done,” said Nealon. “Stand-up happened early in my career, so one of the greatest achievements was being on Johnny Carson. Nothing like it.” And nothing has been like Nealon’s career that followed.

So does he feel like an icon? “Let’s just say I feel really good about being a part of pop culture. Nowadays, there are so many platforms for comedy, I definitely try to keep a handle on it.” Nealon remarked, “No one should ever be bored.”

Kevin Nealon
Key West Theater
Sunday April 29
6:30 & 9:30 p.m.
Event is 21 and over

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