A portion of the sealed JFK files were recently released, which only fueled rumor hounds and conspiracy fanatics across the nation. Whether 9/11 was an inside job to those who believe the Clintons are responsible for the death of JFK Jr., the facts are no obstacle for those who believe there is more to almost every story. And here at the Weekly, we began to wonder — what are the best Key West conspiracies that are yet to be proven or unproven?

By Hays Blinckmann & Britt Myers

Here are our top 11:

  1. Cheryl Cates is actually Mayor.
  2. The red lights in Key West are synchronized to create more traffic.
  3. Both John Toppino and Greg Sullivan know where Bum Farto is buried.
  4. The Matthew McConaughey movie currently filming in Key West is loosely based on the life and times of Public Defender Robert Lockwood during the late ’90s.
  5. Famed adventurist and swimmer Diana Nyad only swam from Boca Grande to Key West in 2013.
  6. Key West Chamber’s Virginia Panico and Judge Judy are actually the same person.
  7. The invasive iguana epidemic in Key West can be traced back to City Manager Jim Scholl, who “accidentally” flushed his iguana, Mr. Wiggles, down the toilet in 1989.
  8. Rubber bracelets with “inspirational sayings” are encrypted Navy codes.
  9. Bobby Mongelli is behind the Olive Garden opening on Stock Island.
  10. The Russians were behind The Conch Republic’s 1982 secession.
  11. If a Conch birthday is not celebrated at Benihana, the aging process is disturbed for eternity.


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