10. The creepy, cardboard cut-out fans in the baseball parks warn of a dystopian future.

9. Tennis was boring enough when fans were in the stands.  

8. You’re an FSU football fan. 

7. You simply can’t support athletes disrespecting the national anthem … as you hold your beer and scream at them during the national anthem. 

6. You’re attempting to finish everything on YouTube by year’s end.

5. You sold your TV after the last political debate.

4. You’ve been overhead more than once saying, “The Real Housewives are ‘pretty good’ once you give them a chance.”

3. Your Fantasy Football team is dead last. (Sorry @robchristensen and @captainjoncrane).


2. Rich, athletic minorities just make you mad. 

1. You’ve just started streaming a hilarious sitcom called “Seinfeld.”

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