Social media: It’s consumed much of our lives in these times of isolation and distancing. One minute you’re scrolling through Facebook, reading the back-and-forth between your friends, who for the time are foes. The next minute, it’s almost time to put the phone on the charger. That’s why we set out to provide the Top 10 Annoying Signs You Need to Take a Break From Social Media:

10. You were never punched in the face on the playground as a kid, and thus, you still say some really stupid sh*t. 

9. Food pics. We get it. You cooked something with decorative garnishes and then used the food filter on your iPhone. 

8. You think people actually listen to the 10-minute dashboard video rant you posted while driving (note: they’re also tired of your beach, bathroom and bedroom selfies). 

7. You’ve quoted “A Time to Kill” in over five posts this week to prove how much you (a white male) relate to the struggles of the African-American community. 

6. You know more about the lives of Jeffery Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Megan Thee Stallion than you do about the lives of your own 3- and 7-year-old kids.

5. You’re one of the 500,000 people who shared a meme of doggy doo on Facebook with a caption that said “2020.”  (And you liked your own post). 

4. You film your workout routines. And you are not a trainer. 

3. You marked yourself safe from 2020. Five times already. 

2. You’ve added hashtags at the bottom of your resume:  #superawesome and #perfectionist. 

1. You still post twerking videos.

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