Think you’ve been to a bad holiday party? You ain’t seen nothing yet. While we warn you that some of these may not be suitable for all audiences, here are the 

Top 10 WORST holiday party themes for 2020 

10. The “Super Spreader Sweater” party. 

9. “Shitter’s Full’ holiday office party.

8. Swinging Santa and the Erotic Elves party. 

7. “Cats” — The Holiday Musical Party.

6. The Proud Boys of Christmas Party. 

5. The “Who Slayed Santa” Holiday Mystery Party for kids.

4. Make Your Own Meatballs Holiday Party. 

3. The maskless mistletoe Christmas caroling block party. 

2. Any party that still uses Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones or other themes that dorks love.

1. The “Ho Ho Ho…Yippie-YaYo” White Christmas Party (some of you get this one).

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