Other than socks, autobiographies are the unprecedented champions of thoughtless gifts over the holiday season. Nothing says “I didn’t really have time to shop for you” more than 300 pages of first-person life lessons from Taylor Swift. So this year, our wish list includes:  

Top 10 Autobiographies that Should Have Been Written in 2018 

1. Donald Trump: “Science Schmience” 

2. Julian Assange: “How to Live Rent Free for the Rest of Your Life.” 

3. Smokey The Bear:  “I Give the F*^k Up.”

4. Harvey Weinstein: “Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places.” 

5. Jeff Sessions:  “Civil Rights Are for Suckers: The Diary of An Unemployed White Guy.”

6. Andrew Gillum: “Seriously?” 

7. Robert Mueller: “Winter Is Coming.” 

8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “So This is How General Custer Felt.” 

9. Han Solo: “You Should Have Left Me Dead at the End of Episode VII.” 

10. Elon Musk: “Oh Shit.”  

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