1. Sheriff Rick Ramsay calls you about an outstanding warrant and suddenly has an Asian accent.
  2. Your dead grandmother calls you from the Bahamas for bail money.
  3. You bought hand cream on Duval Street.
  4. Your mailman drops off a check from Citizen’s Insurance.
  5. Your realtor’s business card features a Cay Clubs logo.
  6. Keys Energy threatens to kill your cat unless you get them a Google Play Card.
  7. You contributed to a Go Fund Me page created by a former executive at the KW Association of Realtors.
  8. To keep the lights on at your house you need to deliver eight Key Lime Pies a man named “Tito” under the Snake Creek Bridge.
  9. One word: Comcast
  10. You just purchased fresh lobster out of a van in the Walgreens parking lot.

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