Marathon, Florida

What: 52 units of affordable housing featuring a majority of two-bedroom, two-bath apartments, but also one-bedroom and one-bath apartments and three-bedroom, two-bath apartments. Market rate homes will be developed on the oceanfront (gulf) in a separate phase. Building is three stories over parking.

Where: Corner of Louisa and 39th streets.

What used to be there: boat yard.

When: Scheduled to be complete by late summer.

How much? Rent is calculated based on household income and number of bedrooms based on rules by Florida Housing Finance Corp., a state-run entity. The units at Boat Works are intended to serve locals who earn 80% of the median income of $81,400. A two-person household earning $64,480 would qualify for a two-bedroom apartment that rents for $1,814.

How can I apply for residence? Registration is handled by the AGPM Management team and company officials say there is already a waiting list of 300. For more information, visit the office at 624 73rd Street, call 305-916-5416 or email [email protected]


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