Terri Robinson and her daughter, Corey, stood along the shoulder of U.S. 1 on July 19 holding signs with a simple message. “Respect the Keys.” “Thank You. Jesus Saves.”

Once homeowners at Coral Harbour Club, the two now live in Tequesta. Terri said her late husband, Larry, always loved the Keys. Born in 1952, he’d come to the islands with his dad in the ‘50s and ‘60s to fish. Larry passed away in 2009. In 2010, Larry’s ashes were spread at Hens and Chickens Reef.

The mother-daughter combo came down to the Keys on June 29 for a month-long stay with friends at Coral Harbour Club. Terri said she’s been reading about what’s going on in the Keys, from the Fills to traffic safety concerns, and she wants to alert the conscience of those coming down to visit and stay.

“My daughter was 10 when we bought our place. She grew up here part-time,” she said. “We don’t own any property down here any more. We just care. We want to make a difference.”

As to the response from motorists passing by? Terri says it’s been nothing but positive.

“From Fish and Wildlife to Monroe County sheriffs, troopers, paramedics and EMS, everybody’s been responding,” she said. “Semis are honking, dump trucks are honking, people are giving the thumbs up, waving and flashing lights. Some people are slowing down saying ‘thank you.’”

“If we can leave here and make an impression on people, if we reach one person or two people, it’s a huge blessing,” she continued

Terri said she’ll be standing along U.S. 1 all week holding the signs. Her ultimate hope is the placement of a larger sign with a similar message somewhere near the stretch as people make their way into the Keys.

“It’s our privilege to be able to come down here and it’s our privilege to be able to try and make a difference. It’s an absolute blessing,” she said.

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