Here’s the Weekly’s list of Do’s and Don’ts

By Hays Blinckmann & Britt Myers

Here in Key West, Halloween brings out the “funny” in us. Whether we are dressing as a ‘cereal’ killer or a poop emoji, costume season is yet another excuse to poke a little fun at our friends and ourselves. Always here to help, the Keys Weekly has provided the “Best” and “Worst” Halloween costume choices for the Florida Keys. And the winners are …


  1. A snowflake
  2. Keys Energy Employee
  3. Hugh Hefner
  4. Anthony Scaramucci (we miss you)
  5. David Bowie, Prince or Tom Petty
  6. Skeletor (coolest villain of all time)
  7. T-Rex Inflatable
  8. Mrs. Roper (Jack Tripper would be proud)
  9. Mark Rossi (extra points for moped accessory)
  10. Eleven (watch “Stranger Things” and you can be cool too)


  1. Civil War statue
  2. Hugh Hefner (we are playing both sides)
  3. Unicorn (enough already)
  4. Comcast or AT&T customer service rep
  5. Russian hacker
  6. Bill O’Reilly or Harvey Weinstein (trust us … don’t do it)
  7. Jay Cutler (p.s. It’s not cool to cheer when people get hurt)
  8. Hurricane Irma
  9. Any costume of Trump that includes paper towels
  10. Congress

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