From Key West High School to wardrobe stylist for huge names in the hip-hop industry (Ne-Yo, Pretty Ricky, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne), Jenn Potter, 29, has narrowed her focus to achieve her next aim — the design and creation of hip, high-end jewelry.

While she was still a high school student Potter developed a clothing line with a friend, later taking the wardrobe to Orlando where she was “discovered.” She credits hip-hop and R&B sensation Pretty Ricky for giving her a start and entrée into that rarified world of up-and-coming music giants. The move from fashion to jewelry, well, that was Potter following her own star; it’s always been a passion, she said.

“Jewelry always fits no matter how old, young, big or small,” she said.

Her designs incorporate gold, platinum, diamonds or a combination of all of the above.

She recently completed a collection titled “Jetset Gypsy,” inspired by her days as part of the entourage. The “gypsy” refers to Generation Y’s tribute to only the essentials — she displays her jewelry by wearing it, only bringing essentials when she travels. Her designs are both spare and elegant. Some designs have a more subtle meaning, like the wishbone necklace Potter crafted.

“I wouldn’t call myself superstitious … but in tune with different energies,” Potter said.

Potter recently launched a website featuring her jewelry designs. In the meantime, she’s working on a new collection inspired by a different type of star — those in the sky. Pieces range from simple star-shaped earrings to entire constellations, delicately rendered in precious gems and metal.

Shop and browse her merchandise on her website:

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