Time for change: Alexas Fotos/Pexels.

What do you do when you think you have it figured out, and the world decides to pivot on you?

You have to change, as well.

In early March, I was super excited to focus and buckle down on finding more speaking engagements.  My sleeves were rolled up, and I was on my game. I had two speaking gigs on the books, two more in the cooker, and a lot of connecting and networking occurring for even more gigs. I was on fire! Momentum was kicking in! I was on track to beat the goal I had set for myself and was going to raise it for the next month.

And then… the world shifted.  

Events were put on hold, and a lot were canceled. Heck, even my Share the Good Vibes Meetup had to be canceled, and I discontinued the payments to meetup.com.

Our entire existence as a connective network changed and changed drastically. What’s ironic is it happened when more people were expressing the desire for human connection vs. online.

Here’s the kicker.  If you don’t shift too, you are left behind.

I had to quickly adjust my routine to even more connecting virtually, more podcast guests, and podcast guesting. And finding virtual summits to still be able to share value and build my business.  

But, I did it, and you can shift too.

This past weekend I was one of nine presenters in a Women’s Virtual Summit. The niche of the group was childfree but it wasn’t solely focused on being childfree.  

There were fabulous fellow speakers that taught about mindset, workplace challenges, people-pleasing, healthy eating habits that fit what makes you happy, hypnotherapy, and more. I filled pages and pages of notes and ideas. I spoke on navigating change, a topic I am well too familiar with and hope to help others by sharing.

In addition to the speakers and the content they shared, virtual summits (often held via Zoom) are about creating a community.  A community of like-minded people which allow you to share your insights as well ask questions for something that may be bothering you.  

The group had many questions around friendships and relationships, job stress, and feeling judged.  When you are with like-minded people, you feel comfortable to share and ask.  

Sharing and asking helps you grow and be your best self.  Groups like this are non-judgmental because the basis is you are not alone.  The learning potential is incredible, and the majority of summits are free or at a lower cost.  Plus, the bonus is you are at your own home, can wear your pjs, and even enjoy a glass of wine if you choose.

I am hopeful that after you read this, you find some summits you can participate in and connect with others.  A great way to find them is to search out Facebook groups and sign up for email blasts from various groups and speakers. Often once you start down the path, you will find your way to what you are looking for.  You just have to start.  

Happy connecting and learning!

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