The door locks. Searching the downstairs of Ernest Hemingway’s first Key West home of Casa Antigua, a missing page to a manuscript has to be found, and our editor is waiting, and upset. (Sound familiar, Sara Matthis?)

Between puzzles, mazes, keys and combinations, those locked in the room are looking for the clues to get them out in less than an hour.

“Don’t fixate on any one thing,” said Key West Room Escape’s Kyle Turk.

The newest Key West attraction has been up and running for the past two weeks. Key West Room Escape is a fun, real-life team building activity.
Groups of up to eight people must communicate and work together to escape the room within 60 minutes by finding clues and solving puzzles together in a themed environment.

Looking under tables and in bookshelves, the attendees can get clues from Turk through a walkie talkie if they’re stuck on anything.

“If we just write the last page of the manuscript, do we win?” we asked, jokingly.

“If you can do that, I will be highly impressed,” said the voice through the walkie talkie.

With seven minutes to spare and two clues from Kyle, we escaped to find the missing page.

High five and hugs ensued as Team Weekly walked out to hold up our winning memes for a photo op.

Turk has more planned for the space, including a Jail Break Havana room opening in September, followed by a Pirate Treasure Hunt room.

The escape is $35 per person and $25 for children 16 and under. Groups are welcome.

Casa Antigua is brimming with history as is, and is located at 314 Simonton St. in Key West. To reserve an experience or for more information, call Kyle Turk at 305-916-5517.



Team Weekly included Chad and Hollie Will, Kristen and Summer Livengood, and Michael and Jana Gallagher. “That was awesome,” said Summer Livengood, 10. “Can we do it again?”

Chad Will “tries” to open an old cigar box to find another clue during the Key West Room Escape challenge.


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