By Jen Friel

Between the nurse sharks, tarpon, lobster, snapper, crabs, and kamikaze minnows – I can honestly say that I have a new favorite activity here in the Keys. Whether you are a novice, or expert paddle boarder, the team at Aquaholics at Postcard Inntake you on a two-hour night tour that is heart racing enough to qualify as exercise, and “zen” enough for you to wonder if you just stepped out of a spa.

Tyler, the inventor of the LED light up paddle board (patent pending) has spent the last six years perfecting the design to enhance the way the light reflects off the water as much as possible. “We tried different colors,” he says, “but the white works the best with the color of the sand.” The battery pack, and general mechanics are stored inside the boat, and this is the only board of its kind that has the lights molded onto the rails of the board enabling a smoother ride, and an incredible way to view nature.

Night time tours run $60 per person, or $50 for four or more and you can use a paddle board or kayak. Aquaholics also offers daily rentals for $30 per hour or $40 for two. They serve half days, full days, and also deliver to all of the upper keys. If you are interested in purchasing a light up board for yourself, you can visit their website or call 832-779-4253. Complete boards are available starting at $1,695 plus tax and shipping.

As someone who hosts a lot of guests, I am proud to say I have a new favorite activity to add to my “to do” itinerary. I love being on the water, but hovering so gracefully over the wildlife that close at night was a top life experience. Enjoy!



Hop on an Aquaholic tour for $60 (or purchase a board of your own for about $1,695) to experience a night paddle and all the attendant wildlife.


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