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Pirate radio personality Mark Ryno transforms media careers from radio to print with his new novel, “The Sheriff of Whiskey Hollow.” The book takes place in the 1830‘s in the cowboy days, when it was much harder to catch criminals.

In the novel, Outlaw George Peel travels from town to town, committing terrible crimes such as rape and murder with no guilty conscious whatsoever. Spoiler alert: this book is not a happy, fluffy tale with sunshine and rainbows. It is more of a graphic horror film, unraveling the twisted pleasures of an insane man on the page.

“In my warped mind I just wanted to keep the crime spree going. And that makes it entertaining,” said Ryno. “If I were to draw George Peele he would be mangy, unkept and dirty and it resonates in some chapters. His filth matches his morbid personality.”

The book’s “white hat” character is Sheriff Fred Henry, tasked with tracking Peele who began his crime spree in Whiskey Hollow in a hotel room.

“He must be found and brought to the town jail,” said Ryno, “and a cat-and-mouse game ensues.”

Whiskey Hollow is the nickname for an actual place Ryno lived by in upstate New York. In the book, the name denotes a remote area so named by locals which features dark, mysterious caves.

The book is an easy read with a flowing plot and engaging characters. Ryno said it took him about a year to finish the book which he wrote using a … wait for it … smartphone app.

“One hundred percent of the book was written on my iPhone with an application called IWriteABook2,” said Ryno. “Every time I had a good idea I added it to the book immediately.”

His book was published by Amazing eBooks, virtual publishing company owned by local Shirrel Rhoades and Ryno said he’s already working on a second, “The Sheriff Rides Again.”

“We want to build up the Western genre and I thought it was a good little story. There is a lawman bringing in a desperado and it holds the attention and interest of the reader and is a good ride,” said Rhoades.

“Famous Western writer Zane Grey lived in Islamorada and was a retired dentist. Ryno is keeping the legacy of great Westerns coming from the Florida Keys.”



The Sheriff of Whiskey Hollow

by Mark Ryno


Amazing eBooks, 2014

$4 eBook / $13.46 for paperback

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