Do you have a summer job? There are jobs everywhere. Just simply flip to the back of this newspaper; you’ll find advertisements for jobs seeking employees of all ages to work both full- and part-time jobs.

Several students at Marathon High work not only on the weekends, and throughout the summer, but all year long. They work at places like Sweet Savannah’s, Driftwood Pizza, The Island Fish Co. and more. 

Local businessman Anthony Piscatello of Driftwood Pizza said it’s difficult to hire employees … and keep them. “At this point, I can’t even let struggling employees go in fear that I won’t have someone to fill in that availability,” he said.

Keys people are lucky in that they are able to pursue a trade that not all other cities can offer — fishing! A large portion of the student population, including both male and females, take advantage of this opportunity. A handful of their parents own their own charter or bait companies, so they are fortunate to be able to work and train alongside them. Others are simply intrigued by the work, the money, or the monsters they pull out of the sea, and have chosen to find jobs along that route. 

Rising senior Tony Palma has not one, but two, parents who are involved in these Keysy professions. He says, “Every day I can’t wait to leave school and fish.”

Marathon High School’s OJT (on the job training) teacher Teresa Konrath is very persistent about making her students aware of businesses looking to hire in our community. 

“The jobs are there, the students are there, they just need to reach out and start,” said Konrath.   

For many high school students this is a time to explore, including securing internships in careers that might interest them for a lifetime. Whether you begin by doing paperwork in an office, you work your way up to a manager at a local restaurant, or even write for your local city paper you gain experience by trying and by getting involved. There are countless job openings and opportunities and money to be made. Just flip on back to the last pages of this paper to see where you’re needed next.  

— Clare Merryman is the Marathon Weekly Newspaper’s student intern. She is also the class president of Marathon High School’s Class of 2022.

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