John Schaefer, Jim Kelly, Neal Angiulo, and Kevin Eick star as the Monty Python knights in the 2015 production of One Weekend Only. WEEKLY FILE PHOTO


‘Miscast’ performers perform Oct. 21-22

The Marathon Community Theater will kick off its 2016-2017 season with its annual fundraiser, One Weekend Only, on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 21-22 at 8 p.m. The theme this year is a variety show of “Miscast” acts from other productions. The show will be followed by a reception with appetizers and champagne.

“We’re doing songs from a show, or a part, where the performer doesn’t really ‘fit’ the role because of race, age, gender,” said Director Devin Clark. This is Clark’s fifth production at MCT.

More than 50 local actors and actresses, ranging from 14 to late 60s, comprise the cast. The production features acts from “Chicago,” “Matilda,” “Grease,” “Dog Fight,” “Cinderella,” “Dream Girls,” and more. With 30 acts in total, and a two hour runtime, Clark says there is something everyone can enjoy.

“Some of the more memorable numbers are ‘16 going on 17’, from the ‘Sound of Music,’ but our version has a comedic twist,” said Clark. “The ‘Cell Block Tango,’ stars six men as the famed merry murderesses of ‘Chicago’; that’s another fun number.”

While the cast does star some local familiar talent, there are a couple first timers, including Scott Milliken.

“I’ve been wanting to try out for some time, I’ve never been in any type of theater production before,” said Milliken. “I decided to go with a small part because I had a little stage fright at first, but the people here are really fun loving and easy to work with.”

The uptick in members bodes well for the theater, says Clark. He said membership is up due to ticket discounts and free dance classes.

The fundraiser, now 10 years old, was originally slated as “One Night Only” but has expanded to “One Weekend Only.” Every year, the production has a different theme ranging from patriotic to Broadway.   

“One Weekend Only includes ‘teasers’ for all four 2016 main stage shows.”     Devin Clark, director


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