As the Key West People’s Choice Awards, The Bubba’s 2014, has reached its deadline for submissions, community members have had a few favorite categories. Of course The Best Key Lime Pie and Best in Drag are tight competitions and many people in town have different opinions on the location of the Best Sunset. But from Captain Outrageous to the Cat Man everybody in town has their favorite stars on the island so this week we asked…

Who’s your favorite Key West celebrity?

Lacie (The Dutchess of Pain) Maninga is a founding member of the Key West Roller derby team and her favorite character around town is a runner.

“My favorite Key West celebrity is Red Zorro, the guy who runs around with the big red hat that yells whoop, whoop to people coming by. He is so vibrant and happy he makes me smile,” Maninga said.

Roller derby blocker Janae (C3P-Owned) Collins participates in the Swim Around Key West every year so her favorite celebrity is a swimmer.

“Diana Nyad would have to be my favorite celebrity in Key West. She is an inspiration to me. She kept trying to make the trip from Cuba to Key West and never gave up,” said Collins.

Ben (Bend Dem Rules) Davne is a referee with the roller derby team and his favorite character is a superhero.

“My favorite character would have to be Spiderman playing the sitar. He entertains the people around town and the tourists,” said Davne. “I think he is hilarious.”

Kevin Cotton’s celebrity is a bar owner that most everybody around town knows.

“Samantha Palmeno Langdale because she is hardcore, beautiful and well endowed,” said Cotton.

Local celebrity and Krawl Off Duval owner Samantha Palmeno Langdale said her favorite character is a radio personality.

“Bill Hoebee is my favorite character in town. We always go back and forth as too who is the biggest celeb in Key West and I am going to give it to him this time,” she said.

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  1. Ernest Hemingway! He is one of the original Bubbas, Fishing and hanging out at Sloppy Joe’s and writing about Key West in To Have and Have Not. I think we should title Hemingway, Bubba Emeritus…

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