Typically, we look down to view plants. They’re in tabletop pots or pretty planters or tucked within a garden plot. Sometimes, of course, hanging plant containers dangle from the ceiling. But have you ever thought of creating a living wall display? These displays can happen both indoors and outdoors, in a living room or on a terrace. 

Landscape architect Evan Bell of Key West’s Ecoscapes specializes in the kind of dazzling outdoor living walls that would make a perfect backdrop for wedding photos or simply sunset cocktails. In fact, he is so in demand, he is booked through Spring 2022. But meanwhile, he offered insight for our readers who’d like to try to make one of these lush arrangements on their own.

“We’ve had great success with a mix of partial sun/shade plants on wall arrangements,” Bell said. “They provide an interesting array of color, shape and texture and can be placed randomly or in a more deliberate and artistic manner.”

He recommends the following plants for these arrangements: aglaonema, zamia zz plant, lady palms, bamboo palms, philodendrons, anthuriums and ferns.

A plant arrangement on an indoor wall not only looks beautiful, but can also save floor and table space. A budget-friendly and simple way to create an indoor living wall display is to repurpose unused wooden crates, attach them to a wall and fill them with your favorite blooming plants, as seen in the photo. The only limit is your imagination.

For tips about buying the best plants to use in indoor light conditions, see the staff at MARC Plant Store, 1401 Seminary St., Key West.

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