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The Weekly has teamed up with local author David Sloan to sneak peek his new book “The Key West Bucket List,” coming out in the spring. Each week, we’ll feature an item on the bucket list (hey, you can even tear out the page, take it to town and check the item off yourself), which can serve as a daring weekend diversion. 

Sound The Alarm

What’s the deal? The Key West Firehouse Museum ( 1024 Grinnell St.) is an old school museum in one of the oldest fire stations in the state.  Fires have shaped our island’s history and the museum is complete with a vintage truck you can climb on, a one-of-a-kind coal pit, rare gear, antique equipment and a staff of volunteers who are all former firefighters with amazing stories. The entire experience is cool, but no visit is complete without ringing the klaxon alarm that was used to wake the crew.  

Do it if: Fire museums spark your interest.

Skip it if: You plan to visit on a Sunday or Monday. 

Local Advice: Google former fire chief Bum Farto before you go. Some people think his spirit haunts the museum. 

Did you know?
The fire bell in the courtyard used to sit on a tower in the cemetery. It rang to indicate a fire’s location and to announce the local curfew each night. 

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