I was lucky. I didn’t grow up worrying about a lot. Granted, I had the same money mindset challenges as most people. “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “Keep dreaming, kid” were popular sayings in my house.  

How do you start to break through that?  

Our money mindset became frighteningly obvious when we were laid off at the same time and decided to move to The Keys, starting over from scratch. We had to keep working hard, watching every penny, but also have a good money mindset. All three actions at once were a lot to focus on.

I was working on my monthly newsletter, Monthly Monday Mojo, and thought to incorporate a monthly mantra to help with those thoughts of worry.  

For May, the mantra is “I am at peace.”

Mantras can be very beneficial. Having a mantra to refer to can be a small daily step in the right direction. I had been reflecting and realized how important it is to be at peace.  

Synchronistically, I was reading a Richard Dotts book, “Your Greatest Gift.”  Dotts always shares a great nugget, and his storytelling is relatable. I didn’t know, when I purchased the book, what the “greatest gift” would be. I just bought it because I read a few of his other books. So, spoiler alert! I learned that our greatest gift is peace.  



It’s something I think we take for granted or don’t even recognize at all. That state of zero where you aren’t upset about anything, but you aren’t falling over laughing either. Peace is a calmness that things are OK and will work out. I believe that since we both lost our jobs at the same time in 2009, I have a deep understanding that somehow things will be OK no matter how tough it seems. It’s an inner peace that is with me.  

In a simple example, yesterday, I sat outside for 15 minutes and watched the beautiful cardinals and butterflies play and fly around. Nothing else crossed my mind but to watch them fly around. I was at peace with this amazing world.

As I was reading this book, it opened my eyes to how often the word “peace” has been used, but I think we take it for granted.

Finding statements that work for you and help you realize that you can change your state to peace is what is most important.

Another tool I use regularly is called Ho’Oponopono. It is a mindset shift tool originating in the Hawaiian culture and brought to mainstream awareness by Hew Len and Joe Vitale.

Here are the four simple statements that you say and repeat:

“I love you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Please forgive me.”

“Thank you.”

Try saying these statements out loud if you can. If not, say them in your head. Focus on them and repeat them over and over until you feel your energy shift.  

It’s important to realize you are not alone if you are worried or stressed, especially now. Shifting your mindset is one of the best tools you have in your back pocket. 

Learning and remembering to do it is the key!

Melinda Van Fleet is a consultant, coach and speaker who helps sales executives and their teams navigate change and strengthen their communication skills to maximize their potential.

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