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In a statement that was certainly released without bias or agenda, the world-renowned travel gurus at Fodor’s (based out of El Segundo, California) recently published an article warning tourists to skip travel to the Keys in 2020. Their reasoning? Our coral reefs need a rest and locals should enjoy the waters from the shorelines for the time being. (Interestingly, when one visit’s the Key West portion of Fodor’s site, a Disney banner ad sits atop the page promoting travel to Orlando — but nothing to see here). Regardless, the Florida Keys have a proven track record as one of the most eco-centric regions of the world, with much of our time and resources spent on conservation and preservation of the natural resources we all enjoy. In fact, we don’t feel the need to protect our environmental resume (and more can always be done), but we did take a moment to examine who didn’t make Fodor’s list of “2020 Don’t Travel Destinations.” (Hint: none of Fodor’s partners or advertisers made the list). Always here to help — here are the …

Top 10 Other Places Fodor’s Should Add to Their ‘Don’t Travel’ List in 2020:

1.The entire state of Missouri: Call us crazy, but it could be wise to take note if the NAACP (not Fodor’s) issues a travel advisory for your entire state in the past two years.

2. Any major city with a population of more than 1million. The coral reef is vital. And so is the ozone. I’m sure New York City, Chicago and LA’s smog levels could “take a rest” in 2020 as well.

3. Disney World. Anyone who has more than two kids and spent more than two days “on property” can attest to this. Don’t do it. Spend three weeks in Europe for half the price.

4. Syria & Chicago. For the same reasons.

5. Pendergrass, Georgia. Population 422. Things to do: 0. Do we really need to give another reason for this one?

6. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument: Crow Agency, Montana. This historic site has only one restroom facility that needs updating, including the 2nd to left men’s urinal. 2020 would be the perfect time to get this fixed — free of pesky tourists.

7. Cody, Wyoming. Kanye just moved in, so there’s that. And they also do a nightly reenactment of the Gunfight at O.K. Corral. That’s fine, except the gunfight happened at Tombstone. And Buffalo Bill Cody was definitely not present nor did he single-handedly shoot 10 villains dead in the street. Either way, it’s time to stop enabling this ruse.

8. San Francisco. You know it’s bad when the homeless problem has become so widespread that the Tanner house from “Full House” is now being used to accommodate the overflow from tent cities.

9.  Fairbanks, Alaska. The coldest city in America. That’s reason enough.

10. Canada. With their clean water. Free health care. Nice manners and cool prime minister … just who do they think they are?

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