Telling co-workers and friends that you got the ’rona must be handled delicately. Here, the Keys Weekly offers our best tips.

10. With a singing barbershop quartet hired to perform at your poker buddies’ doorsteps. 

9. With a personalized message from Wrinkles the Clown. 

8. Use Gilbert Gottfried to host your “I’ve got COVID” video message and post to your Facebook page. 

7. Spelled out in a bowl of Alpha Bits cereal.

6. During your weekly volunteer work as the official “Bingo Emcee” at Shady Oaks retirement home. 

5. Using a puppet of any kind. 

4. In the middle of Swingers Night at the Johnsons’ house. 


3. Using sci-fi languages like Klingon, Yoda slang or any other things that dorks speak. 

2. During a heated game of beer pong. 

  1. From the back of a crowded elevator.

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