Top 15 Gifts Not to Buy Your Boss this Holiday Season - A close up of a mug - Coffee cup

The holidays offer enough stress without trying to figure out the perfect gift for your boss. And while we at the Keys Weekly cannot tell you what to buy for your workplace czar, we can definitely help you with what NOT to leave on your boss’s desk this holiday season. Always here to help, this is your: 

Top 15 Holiday Gifts Not to Buy Your Boss:

1) A framed photo of yourself. 

2) Breath mints. 

3) Copy of “The Secret”with highlighted passages. 

4) Quarter ounce of the sticky icky. 

5) One year prescription for Cialis. 

6) Taco Bell gift card. 

7) A notice of resignation post-dated for one year. 

8) A sweater woven out of loose hair you’ve found in the office.

9) Teddy Bear Nannycam. 

10) Month’s membership to the gym. 

11) Free trial on 

12) A decoupage scrapbook of your time together. 

13) A mix tape of racially-charged rap music pirated illegally and burned on your company-issued laptop.

14) Odor Eaters and new socks! 

15)  #1 Boss Mug with a note saying “I would have gotten you more… but I don’t make enough money.” 

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