C’mon. It’s crossed your mind. How many people are hiding in the Florida Keys? That guy at the end of the bar in the $400 Ray-Bans but no shoes; where’d he come from? Or the woman who goes by the name CherryBaby and literally has it on her driver’s license. If you had to hide from an ex-wife or an IRS agent, the Keys seems kind of ripe with possibilities. Here are some…

  1. Behind Fred. Boo.
  2. The DMV. Take snacks.
  3. Not Don’s Place, that’s for sure, like Cheers in there.
  4. You know that road past the jumping bridge? Yea…
  5. Duval Street, but don’t wear anything too fancy or you won’t blend in.
  6. The cosmetic stores.
  7. Mt. Trashmore.
  8. At Sandy’s Café; just don’t say which one.
  9. A white work truck or van going slowly through old town; no one stops those babies.
  10. 10.Behind Larry Blackburn.

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  1. I live in Texas but my heart is in my favorite on Earth, Key West. If I ever win the lottery, I’m moving to the southern most point. Thanks to the Keys Weekly for keeping me in the Key West loop.

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