April: Pink Moon


This year’s pink moon and its potent lunar energy embraces balance, which also requires a certain degree of release to make room for rebirth and renewal.

Use this moon to charge your crystals outdoors while connecting with nature.

May: Flower Moon


This moon asks us to be vulnerable so we can become more intimate with ourselves and others. It encourages and enables us to reach the other side of conflict so our relationships with ourselves and others can expand and evolve. 

Nature understands that darkness has a purpose. It will lead you to the light.

June: Strawberry Moon


A strawberry moon makes room for luck, love and prosperity. It’s the perfect time to nourish your greatest desires. Open your journal and write a letter to the universe, expressing your hopes and wishes for the future.

July: Buck Moon


This moon brings change, whether you’re seeking it or not.

The buck moon calls for change and expects us to listen with our hearts more than our heads.

August: Grain / Sturgeon Moon


The grain moon is one of gratitude. It reminds us to appreciate what we have, where we’ve come from and where we’ve yet to go.

September: Harvest Moon


We may find the harvest moon makes us a little uneasy, but only because it opens the door for fresh starts. Slow down. Wait. Watch what happens in your life.

The moon’s closeness to the autumnal equinox forges a path to new beginnings and spiritual awareness.

October: Hunter Moon


As we enter the darker part of the year, let us look inward. Unleash our inner warrior and embrace the powerful energy that encourages us to stand up for ourselves and reclaim our power and control.  To make the most of this energy, we will need to use patience and skill.

November: Frost / Beaver Moon


The beaver moon encourages us to learn to let go of drama, power plays and materialism.  This is a time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Let a sense of calm wash over you. Creature comforts take on an elevated meaning during this time.

December: Cold Moon


The last full moon of the year is a time for detailed reflection and introspection. Consider the things you have achieved and the obstacles you’ve overcome. But don’t lose sight of the future and take care to always be gentle with yourself.

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