2021 : The grand opening of Fishermen’s Community Hospital is set for June 7.

2020 : In June, the last beam is lifted into place and major construction is complete.

2019 : In August, Baptist Health puts out a call for information about the huge, decorative anchor located at the entrance to the former facility and restoration begins.

2019 : By March, the old hospital was completely demolished.

2018 : On July 19, Monroe County and the City of Marathon create a special hospital taxing district that is renewed annually with the intention of raising $15 million over 10 years. A separate philanthropic drive for $15 million is initiated.

2018 : During the summer, the $3 million modular hospital is erected and the field hospital goes away.

2018 : Early in 2018, Baptist Health South Florida officially announces the demolition plans for the old hospital and construction of a brand new facility.

2017 : On Sept. 26, Baptist Health erects field hospital operating in hospital parking lot.


2017 : On Sept. 10, Fishermen’s Community Hospital is damaged by Hurricane Irma.

2017 : On July 1, Baptist Health South Florida buys hospital for $13 million in cash. 

2016 : Baptist  Health South Florida and Fishermen’s sign letter of intent to explore affiliation.

2011 : Name change to Fishermen’s Community Hospital; Quorum Intensive Resources takes over hospital management.

1986 : Board of trustees signs contract with Health Management Associates to operate the hospital.

1984 : East wing closed, bringing hospital beds number to 58.

1973 : West wing built, expanding number of beds to 74.

1962 : Fishermen’s Hospital opens to the public with 36 beds.

1961 : Hospital construction begins.

1957 : Marathon Hospital Association nonprofit formed with the goal of raising funds for hospital construction.

1950’s : Marathon’s emergency care consists of ambulance service to the mainland operated by volunteers.

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