Cayce Whitock is young, gorgeous and magnetically enthusiastic. Oh, and her house is clutter-free and meticulously organized. But don’t hate her for that; hire her.

A professional organizer and clutter conqueror, Whitlock launched CPR by Cayce — Clutter Proof Resistance — to bring spaces back to life.

“When I was eight, my pediatrician told my mom, jokingly, that I had OCD when he saw me organizing and arranging my crayons and pencils by color,” Whitlock said. “But I swear, I found just as much excitement in cleaning my room, organizing our kitchen cabinets and purging my parents closet as I did any other activity a child would enjoy.”

She’s turned that obsession into a successful business that renews residential and commercial spaces by reducing clutter and implementing organizational systems that are easily maintained.

“My goal is to help anyone who is struggling to get organized. Your home, office or whatever space you have should be comforting, calming and functional… a breath of fresh air. But even if things get a little out of control again after six months or a year, especially with kids’ rooms, I offer a maintenance program as well,” Whitlock said. 

The process starts with a consultation about the targeted space, be it a kitchen, playroom, laundry room, garage, home library, bedroom closet, storage unit or pantry.

“Clients can either follow alongside me as we decide what to toss, keep or donate, or some people opt to just have me go to town in their space,” Whitlock said. “I’ll use items they already have to corral some things, but will also go out and get whatever type of bins or containers are best suited for their needs.”

Question: What are the most common sources/causes of clutter in homes with kids? And in homes without kids? (i.e. magazines, mail, clothes, shoes, toys?)


Answer: For homes with kids, the main issue is typically the kids’ toys and the daily accumulation of laundry. Toys tend to end up all over the house and never get put away in their “home,” meaning every single thing in your home should have a home, within your home. With a functional system in place, it becomes so much easier to maintain not only by the parents, but by the child as well. One thing I really enjoy doing after organizing bins, cubbies or any other organizational container for a child is to make easy-to-follow fun labels. I like to write out what is in the bin, but also have a photo of it as well for younger children. For example, if it is a bin of Barbies, the label will include a photo of a barbie. This helps children put their toys back in their proper places. 

Closets (either clothing or storage) are often the source of clutter in homes without kids. Laundry rooms and mail/papers that end up accumulating on kitchen counters are another common issue. Closets and laundry rooms tend to be the “catch all” rooms of homes because they’re seen the least. Decluttering these spaces makes a huge difference in the home. 

Q: What’s the primary mistake people make that leads to clutter & disorganization?

A: Accumulating an excess amount of “stuff” can become extremely overwhelming and stressful. There will never be a perfect time to start the decluttering/organizing process, but procrastinating and letting more time pass will only make it more difficult. The end result and rewarding feeling of becoming organized truly makes such a positive difference in your life.

Q: In your experience, which room(s) tend to attract the most clutter?

A: Closets (both clothing and storage), laundry rooms and garages.

Q: What are your top 3 tips to conquer clutter (or at least hide it 15 mins before someone stops by)?

A: One, start. Just take that first step. Even if it’s a baby step, just starting the process is something to be extremely proud of.  

Two, make sure everything in your home has a home. 

Three, go through one space at a time. Tackling multiple spaces at once can become overwhelming. 

I love the quote by Joshua Becker which says “Throw out the excess, clean up the mess, say no to stress, and live with less.”

Q: Aside from hiring you, what one organizational habit will vastly improve my life and space?

A: Declutter regularly. Staying on top of things and maintaining your organizing system is very important. Make it a habit to put everything away in its “home” and if one of your spaces starts to become cluttered or disheveled, tackle it without hesitation.

Q: Here in the Florida Keys, many of us are lucky to have a full kitchen, much less a crafting/sewing room, a home library, a guest bedroom or even a dining room. Can you still help people with small spaces?

A: Yes, I can absolutely help those with smaller spaces. Whether it be a pantry or a storage closet, I can come up with a plan that will maximize each and every inch of the space. 

Let’s “bring your space back to life!”
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