repairing a car

Just when you think the day’s going well, car trouble strikes. 

Usually it’s the defunct battery, a flat tire from running over a nail or simply running out of gas on the highway after denying that stop to the gas station, despite being under a quarter tank. 

It was a bit of a different predicament this time for me earlier in the week, as I went to perform the routine back-in at the office parking lot. The shifter’s stuck? And I can’t turn the car off and get the key out? What the hell did I do to my vehicle?  

“Three months and the damn car would have been paid off,” I say to myself as I try to get the shift out of neutral where it’s stuck. Ten minutes of pumping the brake and trying to move the shift amounted to nothing. A phone to a friend well-versed in car conundrums had him stumped as well. 

Thankfully, the office is close to a garage just across the highway. I walk over to Price Mobile Automotive, formerly the Shiloh garage, at MM 91.8 in Tavernier to relay the issue — the shifter is stuck, the key won’t come out of the ignition, what do I do? 

I talked to Eddie Price, mechanic and owner, who walks with me back to the office parking lot to check the car out with his fellow mechanic. Popping open the hood, he notices a worn shift cable bushing that’s fallen off. He ultimately places it back on before his employee drives the car  back to the garage, where a new one is installed. A few hours later, the shifter’s working and the car is back on the road. No tow needed and the fix wasn’t expensive. Disaster averted. 

Experience is everything in determining where to go for services. From start to finish, the guys over at Price Mobile Automotive were helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. And that won’t be forgotten when I get ready to schedule an oil change. 

If you’re looking for a place to go to get your car troubles solved, know it’s worth the ‘Price’  when stopping over at the garage. As owner and operator, Price is a lifetime local of the Florida Keys with many years of experience. Price Mobile Automotive is committed to providing the best automotive services and repair every time you visit us. They promise to serve customers with honesty, integrity and reliability. As a customer, I can attest to that.

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