A hammerhead shark swims in the Florida Keys waters on July 16. TONY TIMPANO/Contributed

Divers heading out for a dive underneath the Florida Keys waters had great conditions last week. The winds picked up just a tad on July 17, but it was still good enough to head out for some dives. 


This week, conditions are expected to be slightly bumpier out there. They are calling for sustained winds that will produce 2- to 3-foot waves inshore. The smaller vessels may want to sit this week out.


As you all know who read this weekly article, I love sharks. They have been a passion of mine since I was a little boy in Michigan. We are constantly diving with nurse sharks, which we love, but any time we get to witness any of the apex predator sharks, like a bull or a hammerhead, it’s an extra special treat. My favorite shark to dive with is the great hammerhead. I’ve traveled all over the Caribbean to dive with these majestic beasts. But on July 16, we didn’t have to travel very far at all. In fact we got to hang with one right in our backyard. It’s rare to see a hammerhead this time of year so it was an extra special treat. And we happened to have our shop photographer, Tony Timpano, on the dive to capture it. 

Conservation Tip

Sharks play a very important role in our ecosystems.  And many species are threatened almost to extinction.  We can help.  Take part in our weekly Shark Awareness dives and help be a part of the solution. Call either shop for details.


I.CARE planted corals as part of the PADI Womens Dive Day on Saturday.  And we’ll planting again this Saturday with Key Dives. Remember, locals plant for free.

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Eric Billips is is the owner, captain and instructor at Islamorada Dive Center and Floridia Keys Dive Center. He specializes in scuba, rebreather, spearfishing and captaining in the Florida Keys