This Week’s Dive Report

This week was all about wrecks! Conditions started out a little bumpy but laid down nicely for the weekend.

The Keys are famous for both our reefs and our wrecks, and we dove the Spiegel Grove, the Duane, the Bibb and the Eagle. They’re all unique and spectacular in their own ways. If you’ve never visited one of our old ships, join a tour to learn about their history and to observe the marine life that has grown around and on them since they’ve gone underwater.

Next Week’s Dive Report

The forecast for this week calls for a little rain, but the wind looks favorable through Sunday. Remember, it’s all about the wind here in the Keys, not necessarily the water systems. We’re looking forward to getting out on the water and enjoying our home.

Conservation Update

We had a large group out on Saturday with Islamorada Dive Center. They outplanted roughly 40 corals at Rocky Top Reef. Coral restoration efforts in the Keys rely heavily on citizen-scientists like them and you to get this crucial work done.

Next Saturday, the coral restoration trips will run through Key Dives.


Volunteer diving for things like coral restoration is a great way to dive with a purpose and “give back” to our ocean environment. Other ways you can get involved is to participate in clean ups both above and below the water.

Marine debris is a real problem for corals because lines and trash can abrade corals and harm or kill them. Old anchors can destroy coral heads that took hundreds of years to make. And trash can pollute and harm corals and other animals.

By helping to remove trash from our shorelines and seas, you’ll help to keep our oceans clean and our corals healthy.

Conservation Tip

The other important thing you can do other than cleaning up our waters and shores is to help prevent plastics and other trash from entering our seas in the first place. Switch to reusable straws, cutlery and bags. Everything is connected and everything helps.

Schooling permit on the wreck of the Duane. ERIC BILLIPS/Contributed


Project Aware Dives Against Debris help to get trash out of the water and to keep corals (both wild and outplanted) safe. Call your local dive shop and ask if they’re running a cleanup dive. 

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Eric Billips is is the owner, captain and instructor at Islamorada Dive Center and Floridia Keys Dive Center. He specializes in scuba, rebreather, spearfishing and captaining in the Florida Keys